Customer and company

Customer service these days unfortunately too often looks a lot like customer hostage situations.
Requiring – yes, requiring – much from a customer before providing them value … then expecting said customer to not only be happy with said requiring (which benefits SOLELY the company and may work directly against the customer) but also pay money for your product/service …. borders on insanity.

Companies, some of you are trying to skin your customers at least TWICE for the little value  you offer. (What’s worse is most of you convinced yourselves you’re somehow  *entitled* to do such. Good luck with that.)

Future benefit – a long term customer – needs to be drawn in and counted as the value it is. America was BUILT on the value of long term business-and-customer relations.

If you have no personal experience of being a customer of your own company, you have no clue as to the problems your customers face in dealing with your company. Problems created often by your sense of entitlement.

Companies that will thrive are companies that build & offer value. Real value over time.


I strolled along the river bank, enjoying the fall colors rippling in the face of the water.

A verdant hedge extending crystal necklaces in the morning-after-rain beckoned.

With adaptive dark* red from lowest stalk to mid stem, the 8 foot tall hedge was full of branches holding thousands of tiny creme-colored paper lanterns. Each paper lantern held in its center a green seed, surrounded by a trio of nearly transparent wings … (rocket ship shaped, if you will).
Dangling pearlescent chains of the promise of next year’s plants, waiting and working toward the good time when, released from their launching pad of a stem, each would launch – flutter  – float – waft – drift – spin into the world to its place of potentiality.

Exciting times ahead. *

No deer

After a refreshing walk in another conservation area, I headed toward its entrance.

Coming toward a fork where the path I was on converged to the main path, I heard an middle-aged male voice say in a near-stage-whisper “oh …. it’s gotta be a deer!” I could hear the excitement rising in his voice.  I stepped onto the main path and encountered this large man: who looked at me with a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

“You’re no deer”.
I smiled and said in gentle jest: A deer with a red sweater tied around its neck …. maybe a moose, even.
He snorted, trying to re-gather himself “I couldn’t see you. I could only hear you.”
I said: Some walk quietly in the woods. That’s normal.

Once again, I was present to the wisdom of staying in conservation areas during hunting season. All it takes is a hefty shot of excited adrenalin to skew a hunter’s vision … where he may “see” a deer that never was there to begin with … simply because he *wanted* to see a deer there.


We’re leaving the Information Age.
(An age is closed when it moves from being what we seek/produce/hunt per se to what we found/gather.)

Appears we’re entering the Citizen Age … with a concurrent Cyber phase
running alongside it. The “and” folks* get the Citizen Age. The “either/or”
(gear monkeys*) get to do the Cyber phase until they grow out of that phase
and forge productive ways to assimilate into the Citizen Age.

After we’ve produced citizens en masse, the Innovation Age beckons.
We haven’t even seen the likes of the amazing things that will happen then.


Write off

In conversation with young business professionals recently: excerpt:

Looking at the life you designed for yourself like a corporation: first,
if you cause another loss in their ‘corporation': clean it up asap, do better.

Individuals who cause your ‘corporation’ losses becomes write offs.
There was some cost, well mitigated risk (if you got smart quick) — they’re
written off and exist no more anywhere in your ‘corporation’. Next.
(No malice*, menace*, cruelty*, revenge* – nothing. Write off and be done.)
Sort through your emotions, be with all of them (without visiting such on others
around you as you clear them), continue forward at a pace you decide works for
your remarkable life.

(I spent a moment during this conversation appreciating that to recapture time lost
on pathetic* lost boys^ would allow me to produce and create and develop even more
… and after that moment of luxury, I let it go.)

Embrace the good life that continues to surround you AND the opportunities that approach you.

The world awaits the next great ‘product’ from your ‘corporation’. Deliver it handily.


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Customer service premise

Good customer service mandates not to make things more difficult in any way.

Ensure your people, your processes, your technology and your mechanisms make this so.