Choose better

Mark my words.

At some point human society will presence the inflammatory impact we have on ourselves,
each others’ bodies (including emotional labor and/or “puking” on other people as
unnecessary negativity kicking their health) as well as the animals and environment
we theoretically steward. We by our actions choose to be an assault to the world, or not.

That inflammation can be acute and/or chronic – either causing notable show-stopping
dis-ease (with acute) or wearing down another’s life resources quietly and insistently and
unnecessarily (with chronic). Wearing down life-energy resources may culminate in that
being not being able to mitigate health threats & invaders. So in a covert way, those who
puke or create emotional labor participate in the dis-ease of every being around them.

Immune cells, systems and feedback mechanisms do not lie: they request. Pay attention.
Manage your emotional discharge.

I’d advise instead of choosing self hatred and guilt, human kind simply choose and do better.

Systemic economic thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1

Systemic economic thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1.

Includes meritocracy. economics in an abundant world, systems thinking, a bit on finance, corruption. Recommend self leadership ebook as companion.

Ebook available now.

Not scary

The only thing left in the world to fear is us humans. Ourselves.
(Not respect, fear.)

Essentially, pulling that in close where it can be managed:
the only thing left in the world to fear is me. (Start there.)

If we live within respect for all things, there is no space left for fear.
If we release scarcity*, we comprehend and experience real value.  *