Social scarcity fatally harms connection and deletes communication.
Those who participate in social scarcity are complicit by default.

It’s difficult to watch when I know the vast majority of men are whole and complete, remarkable human beings … who have the ability to show up whole and complete and successful and loved and wanted and bonded and close and thriving (when they ditch social scarcity).

If you base so much of your being, your identity, on a negative, you grow a negative life.

Know (learn) what to do about social scarcity, self care enough to ‘feel like thinking about it’ because it’s your freedom & your life. Understand the negative, see tough concepts through and claim your ability to thrive.

Poured’s Laws ebook:

(Keep an eye out for follow up ebook Poured’s Laws explored.)

Economics mechanism and the free market

There is no free market when greed mechanisms are ignored.

To have a reliable and resilient free market, there must be:


    • minimal government (regulatory) intervention


    • mitigated ability to buy influence in the marketplace (ie. UHNWIs, PACs, corps, countries, etc)


    • systemically managed economic innovation

We currently have none of the above. Time for better.


Poured’s Laws … Laws made to broken in an evolving world

Poured’s Laws …. Laws made to be broken in an evolving world.

Poured’s Laws of social scarcity and social conundrum. Social laws, unseen and enacted daily. Time to break them. Time for all to thrive.

With mechanism of action. Includes a bigger vision. Available now.

Nature thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1

Nature thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1.

Naturalist and physicist thoughts for an evolving world. Master class thoughts, including popular post ‘snow in august’.

A favorite. Available now.

Mechanism management thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1

Mechanism management thoughts for an evolving world, Book 1.
(Systems thinking & a bit of IT included here).