Master class with turtle

I eagerly showed up for master class  … and was schooled by one of the ancient elders.

Happening along the pond shore, just beyond some recent dog and human prints, I saw the shell and prehistoric great tail of the remarkable ridged back turtle I posted about before.
It was lying mostly submerged in sand and water and not moving. I watched it for several minutes, seeing no movement and hearing nothing turtle-like.
Hoping by some way that it was okay: I walked over carefully and pulled up – once – on its shell just above its dinosaur-like tail. (Always cautious. Its head was submerged.)
(Understand: if the turtle had been moving, I would not have tried to touch it, period. It’s a wild creature: they don’t prefer human touch in general. In the rare cases they allow touch, they’re clear about welcoming it. My single pull was to verify that if indeed it was as I feared dead, I would respectfully turn it over and find out what happened to it.)I waited, after the single gentle pull, not touching the great shell/any part of the turtle again.  Moments after my pull, a strong turtle hind leg kicked back. Still here and kicking!
I stepped back a few feet and watched.
The large master turtle gathered its feet under it, then its leathery neck craned right to initiate a quarter-turn spin in my direction.
I heard a very very faint three short sounds total – like a small amount of pressure released from a tire.
Its mans-fist-sized, sand-covered head extended out from layers of neck and its right eye blinked, observing me.Feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, I said softly: I’m sorry I disturbed you. I thought you were dead. I AM glad you’re not.
I sat down on the sand where I was and waited.
The turtle sat where it was and watched me  … probably for only 2 – 3 minutes (it felt longer to me, of course).
I in turn admired its amazing crocodile-like tail, formidable ridged & sectioned shell, strong-as-an-oak legs, neck, head and tip of its immutable face.After that, the turtle turned back and leisurely slid across the sandy shallows, then started slowly swimming further along the shore.
There was no fear in its movements … more a sense of ‘okay, my curiosity’s satisfied, now to find another place’.
I stood up to watch its head tip surface at times, saw its shell bobbing just below the surface of the shimmering water, noted its prehistoric ridge tail curving proudly behind it.
What a pleasure to watch, observe, a master. I made an honest well intentioned mis-take & learned from it. No one was harmed. All is well.

I walked back over to where I’d found the turtle lying. Powerful swish marks from its tail leveraging, plus a deep divot then triangular trench from a prominent ridge underneath
its shell plowing sand aside during its easy exit … reminded me that things older and wiser than human kind still walk this planet. For that, I am glad.

I left, with frogs leaping gaily to their destinations still, alongside … and to the beginning tune of a single mockingbird’s wail.

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More about social conundrum – mechanism

What people don’t see – comprehend – about projecting and causing social conundrum * is:

Over time, unless one is an incredibly strong soul: social conundrum inevitably annihilates trust in other and in society as a whole.  An undesirable outcome on any level.

There is no love in projecting conundrum.
No sane justification or rationalization exists for it.
Clean up your act, folks. For the sake of community and our great future together. Thanks.

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A comment that always makes me laugh  (usually inwardly) is when someone I meet tells me I’m “interesting”. Interesting … like some kind of curious new species they’ve just encountered.

Ooh, ‘lions and tigers and bears, oh my!’
… maybe elephants … and giraffes … and whales …

Consider that interesting = alive.
Try it. You might like it.

Media censorship in America – mechanism

Censorship happens in American media … often falling under the guise of “editing”.

(I’ve been an editor, in past years employed as one.)

It happens when someone gets an interview from someone who’s perhaps a little bolder or “outside-the-box” compared to themselves personally. So, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously: those “editing” will go

  • ‘oh she didn’t really mean that she meant this – because that’s what the interviewer asked’ or
  • ‘that’s odd – I’m sure she didn’t mean it QUITE that way .. I’ll “fix” it’ or
  • ‘that doesn’t really ‘flow’ well – I’ll just shape it up – that’s better’ … or
  • ‘oh that’s just not good to say … we can’t let THAT be heard’ …

whatever version of justification they use to cover for their own uncomfortableness. *
The actual interview, when released to the public, sounds nothing like the voice of the person interviewed. It. happens. regularly. (It’s incredibly disrespectful to the human being interviewed.)

As women talk in public, in media, uncensored wherever they can: males will *slowly* become used to hearing, seeing, experiencing real women (of all types and varieties, just like males) – and by relentless exposure – they eventually PERCEIVE reality. Keep speaking in your own voice and be seen as you choose to be, folks.  **

As women talk about our experiences and explorations, LET IT BE. It stands on its own merits.
While we as fellow humans experience much of what men experience; it is in our own time, way and expression just as it is for you.
Give women space to experience it for ourselves. Shelve your projection.
Don’t project when you don’t understand: LISTEN & ask when you don’t understand.
When your perception increases, women don’t have to work to be understood.  * ** **

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Corporate bully-be-gone mechanism

Years ago I designed a mechanism for managing corporate bullies, using tools every mid-sized company has. It’s 100% effective as long as implementation’s complete and no one tampers with the feedback loops (loops which are part of a strong organization’s SOP).

(This is a good example of how mechanism work differs from computer systems work.)

I implemented this mechanism in more than one company, across several IT computer “systems” – with zero preference for any IT tool. (Computers may be networked, yet they are rarely complete systems.)

If you want to rid your company of corporate bullies, increase your people’s emotional intelligence while bettering their customer service skills, you can pay me to bring this mechanism into your company.

Scale …

Your inability to scale remains your problem, not anybody else’s problem.

Manage yourself accordingly, IT companies.