Selfishness and lazy are unnatural effects stemming from social scarcity.

Self care and timely, intermittent relaxation are natural and life affirming.

Muggers down

Teaching errant folks not to be interaction muggers.

Projection * (taking what they feel/want inside) combined with social scarcity ** fuels interaction mugging in the desperate.
Muggers get taken down, immediately.
No one threatens or invades my personal space or my community. Period.


Hoping change simply “goes away” is a child’s position.
(Gear monkeys * often create their own suffering with that position.)

We can’t “return to” another time, nor suspend forever in the time we’re in.

Forge the self trust ** to face whatever comes to you, knowing a solution is within reach for problems and an experience worth having is awaiting you.

Earn your ownership. Bring your best.

Earn your ownership. Have the self esteem, the self trust, to bring your best.
(Search words for this blog  = ‘self trust’)

I don’t give people credit for ideas they didn’t have (ones “sold” to them): to HAND them ownership.  That requires people perceiving themselves as weak. I don’t support anyone diminishing themselves.

Leadership inspires people to evoke their OWN contribution: so they add, bring something to the table. Collaborate. It doesn’t have to be a “perfect” idea before it’s brought. Bring your best.

Everyone at the collaboration table is strong. That premise is foundational to success. Work within it.


As a donation to my greater community, I often extract metal from rivers and streams.

Metal and its oxidates (as it rusts and disintegrates) are highly toxic to animals and plants.
Such toxicity encounters – while often taken for granted by humankind – do filter back to humans.

I execute said extractions on my own time, the vast majority of the time unseen and unknown.  A few minutes of work bears out quite a ROI: when one sees a bigger picture than simply themselves.

(It often requires rinsing off of tools & such … & evokes my internal chuckles as a few insecure folks visibly judge upon return to suburbia. They judge because at that moment I don’t align with their preferred idea of how attractive & “perfect”  a woman ‘needs’ to look. Hilarious. There are far bigger things to focus on than miniscule minds. When it’s time to appear in other garb, like any adult, I remain more than capable of discerning & implementing such. Just more conundrum to stomp into the ground:

The beauty of the natural world is something to cherish and steward, for ourselves AND for future generations.  I do what I can when I can … just like any other good citizen.